About the Candidate

   I was born in Muncie Indiana.  My family traveled a lot while I was young. But, I moved back here with my mom at age thirteen.

   I've always been interested in the meaning of life and where we're going as a species. I read through the whole bible looking for answers, I went on to read at least one text from every other major tradition, as well as books by famous philosophers. 

   When I was eighteen I found a book on Buddhism and took a greyhound bus to live for 3 weeks at my first Buddhist monastery in Vermont. It started a love for the basic ideas of Buddhism which has lasted till this day. 

   At the age of 22 I put off my degree at Ball State and started backpacking around America. I did that for 19 months before flying to New Zealand and starting 3
½ years travelling outside of America.

   I did almost all of this on a shoestring budget. I'd live out of my pack or in Buddhist monasteries and get just enough funds to make the next plane ticket before my visa would run out. The only exception was a year working holiday visa in New Zealand where I worked construction outside of Christchurch after they had a major quake, and then as a rope access window cleaner in Wellington. 

   All together, I lived in New Zealand for a year and a half, in Australia for 9 months, in Thailand for a year, in India for 4 months and Nepal, Laos, and Myanmar to round it all out. 

First time in robes Thailand

   While I was traveling, in America and abroad, I was very heavily motivated by my interest in finding out how true Buddhism might be. I spent a lot of the time searching for better teachers especially in the Theravada tradition of Buddhism. Then I'd go live with them at their monasteries and pour myself into the different practices to see if they did what the books said they would.

   I ordained twice as a Buddhist monk under different teachers and spent years of my life either in monasteries or wandering alone attempting to follow the steps laid out for mental development. 

Second time in robes heading to Laos

   On April 1st, 2013 I came home from India. I'd been living around Bodh Gaya and spending all my time at the Mahabodhi Temple Complex. My visa was running out soon and I decided to finally call it and come back to America. I went to the American Embassy in New Delhi and traded my passport for a ticket back to Indianapolis and a $1,200 bill. 

   I landed with no money, the monk robes on my back, flipflops and a few things for hygiene. From there I started building a life. 


Working on a sculpture in the office space

   I cashed in a life insurance policy that my mother had on me for around 1,000. It was enough to activate an old phone and buy a 700.00 car. From there I worked my way as a Jimmy Johns delivery driver and a Turbo Tax call center employee, until I had enough a year later to pay for my plane ticket to Reno Nevada and my level 1 IRATA repelling certification. The only way I was able to save the $2,500 in that time was by living in an office space with cheap rent and showering at the YMCA. 


   Once I had my cert I spammed every rope access lab from every business in the country. A month later a company called Mistras offered me a job in Texas City Texas at a Marathon oil refinery. 

   I showed up in Texas with around $20.00 left to my name. Lived on the street for the first 2 nights, and then for the next 6 weeks I lived in a 2-bedroom house, with 16 other people, which was for recovering addicts. I went to work every day by getting rides from coworkers. 

   I moved into a month-to-month apartment, with a bullet hole going through my wall and into my fridge and no furniture. But, it was only a mile from work. I walked to work every day for the next month and then got a bike from a pawn shop. For the next 4 months I just kept riding my bike to work and saving. 


Inspecting a tower at work 

   I got my level 2 SPRAT rope access certificate and immediately applied for traveling positions.

   That lead me to Robinson Illinois for 7 months of 60-72 hours a week level 2 rope pay and over a hundred a day 7 days a week per diem on top.

   The major boost in funds let me finally catch up on any of my debts from before my travels, buy a car, and for the first time in my life, feel what it was like to not worry all the time about my bank account.  I was able to have free time again and I invested in as many things as I could.  I found out about blockchain tech from a Ted Talk in August or September of 2016 and invested a bit in cryptocurrencies before they had their rise in 2017.

   Now, nearly 5 years after starting off with nothing, I'm a level 3 Rope Access Technician, I have a job I enjoy that pays well, and some cool toys such as a form 2 3D printer from Formlabs, all kinds of art supplies, and tools for sculpting and metal work. 

I'm that little guy
Taking thickness readings on pipes coming out of the tower

   I'm only 32. But, I've experienced more than a lot of people do in a lifetime.  I know what it's like to live in a range of different countries with a range of different governments. I understand the different religions of the world. I've seen, from the bottom up, the things that people of all different income levels experience in their day to day lives. I know the level of work and determination needed to claw a life into existence from a minimum wage job. I know what's needed to maintain and grow one at higher income levels.

   For years now, I’ve been waiting on a more, “adult” adult to come to the political scene and talk about the things I’m passionate about.   I was waiting to see someone take the stage and talk about the larger trends of automation, biotech, energy, and more in a lucid and passionate way… But, no one ever has.   I believe that if I wait any longer, I’ll realize that it’s already too late to reverse our nations downtrend.  So, I’ve decided the only thing I can do with a clear conscience is bring up the points myself.  

   If elected, my real-world experience, my memories, and my determination and passion for life are what I have to bring to the discussion. I have a deep love for science, technology, and the future of this country and humanity.  I will fight to defend knowledge and to push the limits and reach of our country and our species.

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