Clean Meat

  • This is one of the most important advancements ever made in food production.  
  • We need to corner as much of this market as we can

   Companies such as Hampton Creek, Memphis Meats, Clara Foods, and Modern Meadow are bringing to market ways of producing all the animal products that we know and love, but without the animal.  They can already manufacture a wide variety of meats, dairy products, egg whites, and leather while reducing the land, water, and greenhouse gasses involved by over 90%.  It's already at or near cost parody and will continue to fall in price and eventually dominate the global market. 

   Clean meat, like all meat, starts off from just a few living animal cells.  The difference is that clean meat is grown in a man-made system instead of in a womb.   It means that only the parts of an animal we eat need to be grown and all the resources that go into an animal’s everyday life and mind are saved.   

   The process looks just as pleasent as an alcohol brewery.  It's a stark contrast to watching a PETA video. Because of the nature of its production, it's free from the fecal contamination, salmonella and other bacteria, antibiotics, and growth hormones which plague the traditional meat industry.  It seems better in every way, and that’s why companies like Tyson and Cargill are investing in this industry.

   There's already action from some members of the traditional farming industry to deter the introduction of clean meat and animal products into the market on an equal playing field.  We need to make sure that the regulatory playing field stays level so that this new and better form of agriculture is allowed to take whatever share of the market it can compete for. 

   We can't allow our policy makers to be bought out by the current industry or pass regulation in favor of traditional farming techniques over safer and more cost effective methods. 

   We can't allow other countries to corner this new market while we cling to, and prop-up the outdated, costly, and inefficient systems we're more used to. 


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