In rankings by the Programme for International Student Assessment, we ranked 40 of 72 in mathematics, 25 of 72 in science, 24 of 72 in reading. 

   We need to take lessons from the highest scoring countries in the world and bring them into our education system. 

   These lessons include

  • Raise the quality of training for our teachers.  Teachers in top performing countries must have university degrees and acceptance to teachers training programs are much stricter. 
  • Spend money on schools more evenly so that students in poorer areas have access to the same level of education as those in wealthy ones. 
  • Design more rigorous curriculums
  • Have minimum unifying standards
  • We should integrate these ideas along with others, such as access to virtual tutors for those falling behind.

Higher Education

   As a percentage of our GDP we spend more on higher education than any other country.  However, only 1% out of the 2.7% comes from public funding.  The other 1.7% comes from private funding. 

   One of the biggest reasons our education is so expensive is that the number of administration staff and their salaries has been increasing dramatically compared to all other aspects of education.  Some university administrators make seven figure salaries. 

   Our goal should be

  • Streamline and automate all administrative positions as quickly as possible.  If the worlds largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, can replace much of its management and CEO with AI systems, I don’t see why we can’t start doing the same with our education system. 
  • We should hold our military spending to the global average of 2.2% GDP, and reallocate 1% to higher education we would still be spending twice as much as any other nation on military and we could go as far as having free higher education.  If we compare our public spending on education, 1% of our GDP, to our military spending which is 3.3%-4.4% of our GDP, we can see that the system is out of balance in favor of force over knowledge. 

   One of the biggest issues facing our country and our world is automation which I've devoted a section to. The need to educate and retrain our workforce as quickly, and cheaply as possible can't be overstated.

"A system of general instruction, which shall reach every description of our citizens from the richest to the poorest, as it was the earliest, so will it be the latest of all the public concerns in which I shall permit myself to take an interest."
-Thomas Jefferson-

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