• Trust scientific data about climate change
  • Explore options to bring back species and create new ones to rebuild our ecosystems and repair environmental and economic damage 
  • Make sure “clean meat” isn’t blocked from competing evenly in the free market.
  • Lead the world in green energy and battery storage manufacturing
  • Rebuild transmissions lines to get full use out of our energy supply
  • Gear policy toward taking more active control of our environment. By introducing "intelligently designed" organisms and systems which do more good then nature naturally could, we can not just lesson damage, we can create new growth.

   I'm proud of every advancement in science and engineering that my species has made.  From the belching smokestacks of the oil refineries I work in, to the rovers on Mars.  I believe with all my heart that we'll keep trending along this path and create and master this life in a way our ancestors would've thought only gods could. 

   We can appreciate the need for, and the beauty of, all our human accomplishments while still realizing that some of them are unsustainable, even harmful, and replaceable. 

   The cost of generating green energy is reaching or has already achieved parity with fossil fuels.  While the cost of solar power and battery storage plummets every year, the price of fossil fuels does not.  If the trend continues, the world will naturally shift to clean power. 

   We shouldn’t be afraid of this shift.  We should be embracing it and doing everything we can to position ourselves as the leaders in manufacturing and innovation for this new field.

   It pains me to see our political leaders turn their backs on discovery, deny our influence and role in this world, and press forward with an idea that this world doesn’t bend to the laws of science and reason. 

   The view that the number and variety of wildlife is infinite, that the air and water are infinite, is low and degrading to our species. Other animals have an excuse, they don’t have the knowledge and foresight to put their decisions into a large perspective.  The more we learn, the less of an excuse we have. 

   We have a duty to ourselves and our children to preserve the beauty we've been gifted.  Our goal shouldn’t be to destroy it less or more slowly, our goal should be to add to that beauty and cultivate new growth.




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