Moving Forward, A roadmap for our future 

    Our country has two major paths moving forward from this point.  

  1.    We can either continue to double down on our military spending, build up walls, cut ties, blame everyone else, and put education, infrastructure, and efficiency in producing goods and services on the back burners. 
  2.    Or we can put education, efficiency in production of goods and services, and our infrastructure on top, keep and grow our connections to other countries, and put military spending on the back burner.  I believe in this second path.
Our Top Priorities 
  • Establish a governmental blockchain system to integrate information between all its systems in a way as secure and private as Bitcoin has proven blockchain can be.
  • Automate every single service the government provides as quickly as technology allows.
  • Have extremely competitive bidding systems, and timelines for reaching milestones of success, for every government contract.  The new Space-X falcon heavy and BFR are prime examples of companies outperforming the companies our government has contracts with. Our government needs to spend our tax dollars as efficiently as possible. 
  • Automate every administrative position at our public universities as quickly as possible.  If the worlds largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, is automating its CEO and management positions, there’s no reason for us to be paying seven figures to our university administrators, while our professors earn around the same amount as they did in the 1960’s and 1970's
  • Become the friendliest country on earth for research and advancement in every single field, from biotech and genetic engineering, to AI and robotics-manufacturing, while also having the most stringent containment protocols in place.
  • Become the most efficient country on earth for implementing new technologies.
  • Drastically reduce the cost and ease of access to education and retraining, while working with current and former students to lower their debts.
  • Clearly define and continually update lists of general skills, in order of their susceptibility to automation.
  • Classify fields of work and study, as well as specific jobs within those fields, by their susceptibility to automation and the predicted time-frames for each one.
  • Extend the range and scope of unemployment benefits and make pairing those benefits with retraining in other fields manditory.  Even if the person thinks they'll be able to find employment in their current field, they must also recieve training in new skills. 
  • Take away every legal barrier and restriction to re-establishing our pre-paid physicians groups, so that the cost of our medical care can be cut in half, and our physicians and citizens can have more money in their pockets instead of in the hands of a parasitic insurance industry.
  • Place a cap on military spending in line with the global average by GDP, while transitioning as quickly as possible to modern, cost-effective systems to maintain our fighting capabilities. 
  • Retake our place on top in every field of scientific inquiry and exploration.  We've turned over every modern discovery in particle physics to other nations.  We're doing the same with other building blocks of life in the fields of biology and the future of medicine.  We need to end our 65-year war on science before it causes us any more damage.
  • We need to upgrade our power transmission lines so that we can take full advantage of all forms of energy production and efficiently move power generated cheaply in one area of the country to areas where it’s needed. 
  • Upgrade our public schools and universities with systems that recognize and track weapons and people who don’t belong, and inform security guards, teachers, and students so they can get to safety or neutralize threats.     
  • Raise our minimum wage so that it's at least held to the poverty line and adjust it regularly to account for inflation.  In 1968 full time minimum wage kept a family of 3 above the poverty line.  In 1980 it could keep a family of 2 out of poverty.  Now, it’s not enough to keep one person out of poverty.  Our policy makers grew up in a world where higher education was less than a fifth the cost and minimum wage was survivable.  Why wont they give us the same standard they were handed and took for granted.  

   We need to conquer every obstacle in our path with more knowledge, more discovery, with fearless advancement.  Full understanding and mastery of this life will repair whatever mistakes partial understanding might have caused.  We need to lead in the race to run forward again. 

   The attitude of a winner is to always stand in the light, and to always move onward and upward.  I want to live in the best country on earth.  I want to live in a country with the attitude of a winner. 


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