Fixing our Broken Health Care System

  • Bring Back and Strengthen Pre-Paid Physicians Groups
  • Use blockchain tech to securely and privately connect all publicly funded medical services
  • Incentivize automation in all administrative roles throughout the industry
  • Our current model – Physicians + Insurance industry
  • Our new model - Physicians Groups

   The reason our healthcare costs are so high, is because of the medical insurance industry. It's only job is to take money away from people and their doctors to feed itself.  It accounts for around half of all the money we pay into the healthcare system. 

   Our government spends more on public healthcare than almost any other government.  We also spend that same amount again on private healthcare. That gives us the most expensive healthcare system on earth.  But, all that spending isn’t giving us the best service.  We’re ranked 31st in life expectancy, and our life expectancy is going up at a slower rate than the rest of the world.  Spending more of our taxes to pay for the medical insurance industry isn't the answer. 

   In the early 1900’s before the insurance companies took over, people paid monthly fees directly to their physicians groups.  Without an entire extra industry to support, the fees were drastically lower. Also, because customers were paying directly to the physicians groups, it forced doctors to compete with each other directly for lower monthly fees and better care. Right now, there is almost no competition because no matter what price, the insurance company pays it and just raises its own prices the next year. 

   The government needs to level the regulatory playing field.  We need to allow these pre-paid physicians groups to come back to the market.  We need to lift every legal restriction that would stop physicians from starting and joining these groups, and work with them to make sure that every barrier is taken away. 

   In practice, it would look almost identical to the current system. Once a group of doctors, pharmacists, nurses, technicians, etc. joined together, they would agree on a yearly or monthly fee that their group would charge directly to their clients for medical services. 

   After shopping around, customers could pick the group or groups that  suite their individual needs. They would pay their set fee to that group and nothing more. They could go in as often as they needed, and the group would send them to its different members as needed.  

   Groups should be able to form across any local or state boarders, and customers should be able to shop across state lines.  Physicians should be able to join multiple groups so that groups can share particularly valuable doctors or surgeons. 

   This system sidesteps all middle men between customers and physicians. It cuts out the complicated and bloated systems of billing and coding. It cuts out the need to break services down into multiple billable items. It cuts out all unnecessary costs in the medical and insurance marketplace today. It puts that money back into the hands of you and your doctor.

   At a fraction of the current fees, pre-paid physicians groups would win out in the free market. Over a relatively short period of time, the insurance system would either be naturally phased out, or it would become more competitive and offer better services and fees of its own. Either way we would be left with the most dynamic, innovative, cheapest, and most effective healthcare system in the world. 

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