• In the automation arms race the winner will be the country with the cheapest electricity and the best energy grid to transport and store it.  

   A lot of this countries infrastructure is old and could use an overhaul.  The most in need of an upgrade is our power grid.  We need to build transmissions networks to efficiently transfer power across our nation. 

   Right now, one of the big barriers to lowering energy costs and meeting increasing demand, is an inability to move energy produced cheaply in one area of the country to an area where it is needed.  This is also a major step needed to take full advantage of solar and other green energy sources now that their cost is reaching parity and will continue to fall dramatically. 

   It does us no good to produce cheap clean energy in one area of the nation if we can’t feed it efficiently to the other areas. 

   Investing in our infrastructure is what keeps us as efficient and adaptable as we need to be in order to maintain our lead in the global market.  It's also a way of creating much needed jobs and stimulating our economy.  

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