Taxes and Spending

   We're paying average taxes and we're getting below average healthcare and education. We're also behind in almost every field of modern science, production, and automation. From that point of view, the issues aren't with the amount of money we collect and spend, they're with our set up and how we're spending.

   Every issue is important and worth spending time, energy, and funding to address. However, the group services we purchase with our taxes aren't free.  The money we spend can't ever be more than the group puts in and there's a hierarchy of needs for the health of our nation which ultimately decides how it's distributed between services. 

   The main goals that our tax money should be working towards

  • Streamlining all government offices and public systems through automation and securely connecting all information through a government blockchain system.  The limit we should always be approaching (even if we can't fully reach it) is one where the systems for implementing group services run automatically without any administrative costs.
  • Maintaining a reasonable balance between our military spending and spending on science, education, and infrastructure. We need to see knowledge as our first and best offensive and defensive strategy. We won WWII by splitting an atom not by always having military bases around the world. 
  • Winning the economic arms races of our time.  Automation, Biotech, Energy Production/ Storage/ Distribution, the Speed/Openness of our Communications Networks, Space Exploration, and General Artificial Intelligence.
  • Retraining our workforcePhysical and digital automation is quickly eliminating many common skillsets and shifting the job market to new skillsets.  We need to encourage reskilling and trades in our workforce.  We can quickly adapt to the changing demands of the job market by offering streamlined standalone courses. We can keep our citizens in the game and out of student debt, by teaching key skills which are in demand and less likely to be automated as an alternative to slow and expensive degree programs.

   There are 2 cornerstone economic advantages we enjoy that will be taken away naturally within the next decade by technology.

  • The English language as the hub language.  To translate between Hindi and Kenyan, you first translate to English.  Real time translation technology already exists between many languages.  Once it exists between all languages, and the apps are ubiquitous, this advantage will become irrelevant. Last year China published more scientific papers then us.  But, ours were sited more, partially because of this language advantage.  Soon, all businesses, research, and information around the world will have an equal platform and an equal reach as if they started in everyone’s native language no matter where they’re located.
  • The dollar as the hub currency.   With the introduction of digital assets, the dollar will lose its hub position.  Gold.  No country controls it, and everyone trusts it. If it could move at the speed of light, no national currency could ever be the hub currency again.  A digital asset is backed up by blockchain technology and distributed all over the globe. It can't be controlled by any bank or nation, so it can be trusted more than one backed by any bank or nation. It travels at the speed of light.  So far only a few digital assets exist that can scale to the global forex demand and are working with, instead of against, the current market.  Within a decade that will change. 

If we don't move quickly to win the economic and scientific arms races that we're currently losing... We'll also lose these two advantages which help anchor us in the center of global networking. Then we'll realize very quickly what position we're really in.  We only have 4.5% of the worlds population competing against the rest.  Anything about our country, and the ability and education of our citizens, that's less than 1st place isn't good enough.  We need to win every one of these races to stay on top and we're not even trying. 

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